Anna Lou of London Blogger Ambassador Campaign

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January 2014 – April 2014


As part of my ongoing work with the jewellery brand Anna Lou of London, I was responsible for PR and outreach for the brand and in charge of creating campaigns which could further their reach and establish their brand voice.

At the beginning of 2014 I set up a blogger ambassador scheme for the label with various UK bloggers from different sectors and influences.

The premise behind the campaign was to show how large the brand offering was and prove that there was a look to suit every woman, no matter what your style. The aim was to tap into each bloggers unique audience and either raise their awareness of the brands product range or in some networks introduce them to the brand completely.

15 bloggers of varying ages, styles and locations were brought on board for the initial quarter with a view to rolling the campaign out in full to other areas and countries later in the year should it be successful.


Each blogger became an unofficial ambassador for the brand, and was gifted five pieces of jewellery of their choice each quarter, in order to represent the jewellery and the brand at any opportunity. This included featuring the pieces within their style posts, talking about the brand over social media and generally incorporating it into their own natural style.

In return they were given a first look at new pieces, invited to exclusive events and involved in the design process where possible (ideas meetings, focus groups etc). They were given unique access to sales ahead of general release and their blogs, photographs and advice was heavily publicised through the website, newsletters and blogs.


By the end of the first quarter our blogger brand ambassador numbers had doubled from the original figure and the brand was averaging 3-4 pieces of coverage through blogs per week.

Social media activity increased for the brand throughout the campaign and due to the success, plans begun for a similar campaign to be rolled out in other retailing countries such as Australia later in the year.

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