Maurice Lacroix The French Job Competition

The French Job

May 2012


I was involved in a global social media campaign for luxury watch brand, Maurice Lacroix. To celebrate the launch of the brand’s first ever Sports watch, Maurice Lacroix organised a worldwide competition to be promoted through their social media channels seeking out 8 bloggers from around the world, who could travel with them to the South of France and document a unique brand event – the world record attempt for the longest free dive by renowned free diver Sebastien Murat.


I was in charge of the UK arm of the project, promoting the competition through various online media outlets, blogs and social media. I was tasked with seeding the promotional video out to the relevant UK avenues, gaining exposure of the competition and maximising views to ‘The French job’ microsite with the overall aim of secuing s many entries as possible.

Following the completion of the competition, I was then in charge of promoting the activity as it happened throughout the campaign and using social media and bloggers to drive additional traffic to the microsite during the two week event.


The overall worldwide results of the campaign, which included the UK activity, were as follows:

10 million views to the Promotional video

353 applications and 1.2 million votes

5,970 websites worldwide promoting the video

The French Job website received 162,342 views and the Maurice Lacroix Facebook page received an additional 2,500 followers worldwide throughout the campaign

1 UK blogger was chosen to attend out of 353 applications


Image via Stuart Watt

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