Muriee Product Seeding Campaign

Charlie May wears Muriee

May 2012


Tasked with implementing a creative blogger campaign with the ethical knitwear label Murieè. The project aims were to increase awareness of the new label in the UK by using influential bloggers to promote the products.


10 key UK bloggers were chosen to come on board the campaign due to their influence, reach and relevance to the brand. Each was gifted a luxury cashmere item from the brand in return for a blog post introducing the brand to their extensive networks. Top online influencers such as 5 inch and Up, Park and Cube, Girl a la Mode, Mademoiselle Robot and The Style Crusader were involved in order to gain maximum exposure for the brand.


The project was highly successful with posts and coverage on the brand going live within the month of their UK launch and due to the level of bloggers chosen, the brand received a significant lift in online traffic, and relevant conversation within the online community.

Image via Girl a La Mode


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