The What I See Project Ongoing Strategy

The What I see Project The What I See Project The What I See Project

Oct 2013 – Jan 2014


Following my work on a global awareness campaign for the not-for-profit organisation, The What I See Project, I continued to consult with the team on their ongoing strategy to ensure that the interest generated over the launch was not lost and to help devise the next steps for the project, in terms of making it a website people could visit on an ongoing basis and continue to contribute to.


I worked on strategy for the organisations social media and editorial, devising campaigns and ideas which could be run long term to keep the interest going.

Working with a small team, we came up with the idea of ‘Conversations’ and devised a strategy of ongoing content with which the website could focus on, bringing in different influential females to discuss the different topics in various mediums. The website was eventually developed into a hub of conversations on what matters to women today, with curated monthly content on a schedule of rotating themes, discussing everything from Motherhood to Business to Body Image. Content was produced in various forms from podcasts, to written interviews to social media live chats and debates.


I stopped working with the project at the end of 2013 having built up a solid foundation of contributors and aided in the overall growth strategy. The website continues to exist as a hub of conversation and the project regularly puts on events discussing women’s issues.



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