The What I See Project UK Outreach Campaign

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July 2013 – Oct 2014


As an outreach specialist for the not-for-profit organisation The What I See Project, a global exploration of what it means to be a woman,  I was brought on board to create a launch campaign which would raise awareness of the project overall, increase involvement and generate communication and debate within the online community. I was in charge of a large outreach campaign, involving bloggers and online influencers; creating the strategy and timeline of events, leading a small team and setting up various channels of communication on behalf of the organisation.


I devised a three month project, which involved getting over 100 top influencers, from a wide spectrum of fields (everything from fashion to sport, politics to art) to become global ambassadors for the project. They told their own stories based on the universal project question ‘What do you see when you look in the mirror’, and over the course of 5 weeks shared their stories on dedicated days on both their blogs and social media. Through doing so, the aim was to inspire their wide networks to not only visit the website and find out more about the project but ultimately to join in themselves.

I was responsible for leading the campaign, contacting and securing different influencers and arranging various events in which they could be filmed for the project, as well as managing the overall strategy for the launch period, including the communication timeline and the social media.

Take a look at the video below to find out more about the campaign I put together:


Over 100 bloggers and online influencers became part of the project and during the two month launch period the organisation gained over 150 pieces of coverage both online, in print and on radio through a piece on Woman’s Hour.

The website received over 10,000 unique users in the month of the campaign and nearly 20,000 in the second. By the end of the campaign the project had reached an audience of over 3 million people. The videos recorded had been viewed by nearly 10,000 people and the social media channels had grown significantly.

Since my project completion, the project website has developed into a hub of conversation on women’s issues, a book on the project is in production and various high profile industry events have been held with some important female players.


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