Stephen Einhorn Behind the Scenes Event

Toni Tran Stephen Einhorn stepehen einhorn workshop London Stephen Einhorn Studio Stephen Einhorn London Studio

March 2014


As part of a larger outreach project for the brand, I was responsible for organising a behind the scenes event at the London workshop of the jewellery brand Stephen Einhorn. The event aimed to showcase their handmade production processes to bloggers and allow them to see how the jewellery is made first hand.


Due to the size of the workshop and expensive nature of the tools, a maximum of four bloggers could be in attendance at this event. Bloggers of a lifestyle nature were chosen who would be interested in the craftsmanship of the jewellery and able to write about the tour on their blogs.

An evening event was organised and drinks and food were provided as well as unique time to chat to Stephen Einhorn himself and learn more about history of the brand. Bloggers were taken on a tour of the workshops, given unique access to the tools and factory pieces and shown how they are used.

They were also introduced to the digital developments within the brands design process and shown the making of a unique product range which was yet to go on sale, as well as given a first look at the press video which had been make as part of the overall ‘Making Of’ brand awareness campaign.


4 bloggers in attendance and 5 unique blog posts produced on launch date in coordination with the overall outreach project.

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