Stephen Einhorn Brand Awareness Campaign

Stephen Einhorn Workshop Stephen Einhorn Rings Stephen Einhorn London

March 2014 – May 2014


I was brought on board by the UK Jewellery brand, Stephen Einhorn, to create and implement a creative outreach project in order to publicise their brand story and raise awareness of their London production methods.


A behind the scenes video, ‘The Making of Stephen Einhorn’, was created, looking in depth at their London workshop methods and production process which all takes place behind the store in London.

A project was then designed around this video in order to promote the brand story and ensure increased views on the video and awareness of the products and how they are made.

A six week project was designed working alongside 15 top bloggers from the UK and worldwide to kick start the campaign and ensure a wide reach to various networks. Fashion, style and jewellery bloggers in the fields of menswear and womenswear based in both London, wider UK, Europe and America were chosen based on their influence and fit for the brand, and tasked with helping to promote the brands unique history and handmade appeal.

This was done in various ways to ensure diverse coverage including inviting London bloggers to a behind the scenes event to see the methods first hand, arranging one to one interviews with designer and founder Stephen, gifting pieces from the collection for style and jewellery posts and seeding out the video for maximum exposure.

Launch date for the video was set and all coverage was scheduled to go live within this week, with further info on new collections sent out to press at the same time.


Over 25 pieces of coverage were received for the video and brand during the launch period and all 15 bloggers gave an extremely positive response to the jewellery and brand story.

The video has received X number of views to date and the brand reported a significant increase in traffic to the website during the campaign.


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